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Your Love Story

It is a collaboration. You sharing your love journey and I share creativity. Together, we make your unique visual narrative. Nature, Love, and Creating; these are some important values that I incorporate through photographing soft-lit narratives with candid and playful joy that sprouts from family and partnership. I aim to bring you comfort throughout our time together, and to deliver a piece of nostalgia that can be hung on your wall, bringing a smile to your face every time you see it. 

My Love Story

My love for nature and art was evident from an early age. I aspired to live in beautiful places and to make beautiful things. Kauai became my home in 2020, after I left the cold, mountainous winters of Colorado, with my two loves; my cat and husband. We've welcomed our third love, a baby boy, this April and couldn't be more excited. When I'm not out and about with my camera or editing behind my computer, you might find me pretending to be a mermaid swimming through reefs, making macrame, or decorating my home. As of lately, you'll find me nesting at home with my baby.

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