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For the Romantics

bride with braiding hair and flowing white and orange orchids in her braids
bride leaning against groom, sitting in a courtyard
boy and girl holding hands, running on the beach together

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Starting Price at $950
on Kauai


Starting Price at $550

Mountains in Clouds

"Julia was a phenomenal photographer for our engagement photo shoot. She was professional, kind, supportive, and thoughtful throughout the entire process. We couldn't have asked for more; our expectations for engagement photos--which can be a cringe worthy process--were raised up and out to levels we didn't know engagement photos could attain. Julia took us to hard-to-find local spots that were stunning. She took a diverse set of pictures, and was able to not only plan and execute with finesse, but also adapt and take advantage of unforeseen opportunities along the way. Julia is on the rise and going far, catch her if you can."

Fiancé, Peter Lynch


Unique Couple Poses for Photography

Creative couple photography ideas will take just a little more effort, but not much!

Lay Down - Most couple photography consists of two people standing. Try laying down for a relaxed, free spirited look.


Place An Object In Between - Have one partner stand to the left of an object (ie wall, tree, truck) and the other to the right. This creates classy, yet cute couple photography.

Stand Independently - This is a more edgey-documentary pose. Try a serious facial expression for a hipster look.

Let me know if you would like to do unique couple posing!

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