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Baby Apollo Turns One Year Old

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

This adventure family is celebrating Apollo's first birthday. It was a cloudy week with many showers, but we lucked out with a sunny session. High surf and high tide gave us sparkling smooth sand and fun splashes. Vivian has visited all the islands, but this was their first trip to Kauai as a family of three, so they had pictures taken to remember their special trip.

I want to share the island's beauty with my son, Apollo, on his first birthday...I want my son to look at these photographs when he's older...

"I've been to all the islands and Kauai has always been my favorite. We loved greeting the chickens every morning, eating local fruits, going on hikes, and admiring all the tropical plants. We loved eating at local joints like Pono Market, Wailua Drive In, and Honohiki Seafoods."

We love catching sunsets, hiking, eating local fruits, admiring plants, and taking the unbeaten path.

I hope to teach Apollo to love and care for our planet. I want to take him to see different parts of the world to learn about different cultures. I hope he'll grow up loving Kauai as much as we do and continue to come back to visit.

Happy first birthday Apollo!! Thanks for letting me photograph your beautiful family Vivian and Toto!!

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