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4 Reasons You Should Elope

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

So you got engaged and cannot wait to get married! You and your partner have started considering an ideal time of the year, and pondered some different venue ideas. Now that you've started your Wedding Checklist on the Knot, and have realized you are way in over your head, you realize that it doesn't have to be complex, nor overwhelming - that is, if you ELOPE. Maybe you don't want to deal with the headaches of planning, are introverted and prefer privacy, or want to define your commitment of love in a meaningful way that may not include your third cousins and parent's friend's friends. Read on to see if eloping could be a good fit for you and your partner.

1. You Know In Your Heart

When you close your eyes, you envision just the two of you. You can't imagine a more romantic moment sharing your vows and commitment with the company of intimacy. You find the presence of others to be overwhelming, and the presence of just your partner to be more than fulfilling. Expressing your love in front of a crowd, isn't your thing? Think no more, and elope!

2. The Freedom

Is your ideal ceremony a destination location, small place, or remote? Maybe your dream wedding is on the other side of the world, doesn't accommodate your guests needs, or simply is a location hard to get to. You would rather get married at your dream location..even if that means no guests can attend. Elope when you want, where you want, and how you want-without second guessing what's important to you. Remember, your special day is about what the two of you want, not what your family wants.

3. Reduced Stress

You know the pressure is intense and you just don't care to deal with it. You prefer to keep things as simple as they can be. Free your mind from timelines, transportation, accommodations, crazy relatives and friends, space, and curfew. No need to worry about your maid of honor's work schedule, your groomsman's food allergy, or your grandma's inaccessibility.

4. Cost Savings

Does it dizzy you to fathom the cost of feeding a hundred guests? Or it's more important for you to be spending money on purchasing a home or preparing to start a family. You aren't comfortable spending large amounts of money to have a wedding, and you feel good that you can remain comfortably in your budget.

If any part of you thinks you would regret eloping, then take the time to reflect why that is and if you would prefer to have a wedding. The right answer, is what is in you and your partner's heart. If you are having difficulty making a decision, consider writing down and numbering your priorities with your partner. It'll become clear what the two of you want after figuring out what is most important.

Yours Truly,


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