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Big Island, Big Love

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

It was an instant love. The rest is history.

Venue: Papa Kona Events & Catering, Kailua-Kona, Big Island

Meet Mikayla and Austin

The Love Story

My grandma and Austin's grandma were best friends. They always said they must have known each other in another life because of how instant their connection was. Our grandpas then became best friends, sharing a common pride for their strong Danish heritage and talented accordion playing skills. My grandma had 5 children. Austin's grandma had 4. They were all raised together like siblings. So my mom and Austin's mom were best friends/sisters. Austin and I spent our lives growing up in one big family. We hadn't seen each other in years and one night he walked into my grandma's house for a Klitgaard-Brady Christmas family reunion, and it really was like love at first sight. It was an instant love. The rest is history.

I love Austin's love for Jesus. I love his humor, and how he is always lifting me up.

Austin loves my passion for christ as well. He love's that I am his ride or die. And that I keep him grounded when needed.

We knew we wanted to honeymoon in Hawaii and it was so much cheaper to just have the

wedding there too, vs getting married in California. We wanted my sweet grandparents to be a big part of the ceremony, and they both LOVE Hawaiian culture. So it was a perfect fit!

We love doing all things outdoors together! Especially if they include a body of water.

We love going to church together, and worshipping Christ. We love game nights, movie nights, and nights out with friends.

Thank you for letting me capture your special day. Congratulations Mikayla Austin!



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