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Kauai Vow Exchange

Photographer: Julia Streich | Videographer: @hallahhdvideography by Sophie | Dress Designer: Madi Lane | Jewelry Designer: Delezhen | Boots: Bionica Footwear | Florist: NorthShore Buds and Blooms | HMUA: Kauai Wedding Hair by Meghan Daul

As Sophie, the videographer, and I waited at the beach parking lot to meet Claire and Sean, we saw Sean pull in with Claire laying in the backseat. Claire was dedicated to having a first look, so she hid her appearance from Sean and Sean and Sophie walked into the tree tunnel as Claire and I hung back. Claire and Sean exchanged vows at a beautiful beach and then ventured to the canyon for some adventure photos.

Thanks for letting me photograph your beautiful love Claire and Sean!

Bright pockets of sunshine danced on Claire's skin, as she prepared to walk through the tree tunnel to Sean, for their first look.

Vows were exchanged in between the mossy rocks layered in front of the aqua waters.

Our love has only grown stronger over the past 9 years—we truly are best friends and know each other like no one else 🧡

And the rainbow appeared and we pulled over as soon as we were able.

Congrats Claire and Sean!

xoxo Julia

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