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Finding a Wedding Photographer

Three important steps, to hire the perfect photographer for your wedding

1. Rated Reviews

The reason we love Google Reviews (Yelp, or the Knot), is because it gives us insight for what experience we are likely to have. We want to work with people that are trustworthy and reliable. The key word we are looking at is rated. We want to see all colors of reviews, not just what is featured on the photographer's website, full of raves. Can't find a platform with ratings on your photographer? It could potentially be a red flag. First and foremost, you'll want to be hiring an honest professional.

2. Style/Quality/Look

Once you have determined you have found highly-rated, trustworthy photographers, the next step is determining which photographer's portfolio brings you joy. Find a photographer's style, quality, and look that you LOVE. Not finding someone you love? Remember different regions yield different platforms. Try looking on Instagram, Google, Pinterest, the Knot, or Facebook groups. You'll be sure to find someone you love!

3. The "Right" Fit

Now that you have found a (or several) reliable photographers you love, determine if they fit your budget, and fulfill priorities that are important to you.


  • Are they affordable to your budget?


  • Are they communicating in a way that works for you?

Timeliness & Delivery

  • Do you care if your photos are delivered in 2 months or 1 year?


  • Do you have printing rights? If not, verify the print products are within your budget.

Once you feel confident that your selected photographer is reliable, talented, and aligns with your them!!!

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