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Heavenly Koke'e Bride

Photographer: Julia Streich | Coordination & Styling: @kauaiweddingplanners | Hair&Makeup: @artistrybystefanie | Florist&Model: @flowersbytaelor | Baker: @skratchandbakedkauai | Jeweler: @big_blue_buddha

Location: Koke'e

Wow~what a stunning and fun shoot! Diana, founder and owner of Alohanas Kauai Wedding Planning coordinated and styled this absolutely lovely shoot. Take a look to see the stunning West side of Kauai.

Meet Taelor! Taelor is a Kauai based lei maker and model. Taelor describes her relationship with plants, flowers, and humans decorating with them purposeful with intent of healing others through art.

She is united and "As One" with her floral energy. Taelor loves working on "personal" floral projects for those who are sick or in need of love. "I love to give back to people and if my art is making somebody happy or making someone’s day then that really makes me feel really great."

"I love modeling and I'm just myself when I do it. I don’t try too hard. I like to be as natural as possible."

Taelor has been in floral design since 2016, when she first moved to Kauai. "The power & the beauty of the island unlocked a part of me that was waiting to be opened."

Her creative process moves with a flow. She enjoys creating vision boards and meeting and talking over ideas with clients ahead of time.

"What brings me The most happiness and gratification is knowing that the people that I love and care about are OK and are well taken care of."

Taelor loves Kauai for the essence of family, the community, how everyone cares for one another, human connection, friendships, and the closeness of Ohana that isn't found on the mainland.

Taelor believes in living her life to the fullest. You might find her around Kauai playing ukulele and singing, hiking, or jumping in the ocean.

Have you noticed all the lovely jewelry?? These phenomenally beautiful rings can be found at Big Blue, a local small business selling the largest silver jewelry collection on Kauai together with the creations of 22 other local artisans.

You can find one of a kind jewelry; many of the pieces are hand made around the stone and designed by owners Udi and Jo. "We really appreciate hand made jewelry with natural stones vs factory made jewelry that are so common. They carry a completely different look and vibration."

When Corona Virus hit and discontinued the markets and craft fairs Udi and Jo had been vending at for 7 years, is when Big Blue became a storefront. The pandemic stopped their business completely, but they came back with force and took the opportunity to open a brick and mortar location. "We had to reinvent ourselves and are so happy to offer an outlet to a lot of our fellow vendors that are experiencing a challenging time."

"You can find a rich a offerings in the store are very wide, specializing in sterling silver jewelry we also have men and women’s clothing, crystals and a wide variety of creations of the 22 artisans that sell their products at Big Blue, so the selection is rich and wide."

"The work with gems and crystals gives us a lot of joy. They are carrying a high frequency and special beauty that has captured mankind’s admiration for thousands of years. We both enjoy and appreciate beauty and love the opportunity to share that with our Kauai local community and the visitors that comes here."

Taelor started modeling in Florida in 2014. She has a background in swimsuit, lifestyle, and bridal modeling. She enjoys playing a role of a different character through modeling..."I'm acting, but I'm still myself."

She originally found inspiration to model to acquire wealth, "but the truth of it is that life is not about fame and fortune, it’s about the memories that you make and being the best person that you can be."

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