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"I love to make art and if I didn't do it, I wouldn't be me"

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

A post about EHA Culture @eha.culture

Featuring Hair & Makeup by @artistrybystefanie and Apparel & Jewelry by @swayhanalei at the Property @thesurfshackkauai

EHA Culture

E for Erin

H for Hofmann

A for Arts

Meet Erin! Artist and Creator of EHA Culture. Erin's business started with making jewelry and photo printed bags. In 2017 Erin's journey with Turkish towels began, when she became interested in pareos. Read on to learn more about EHA Culture and Erin!

Erin does everything from start to finish with EHA Culture.

It takes Erin anywhere between 3-6 months to translate an artistic idea in her mind into a rad towel or blanket arriving at her doorstep!

When Erin isn't busy with EHA Culture or her family, you may find her dancing or performing Tahitian with her halau-Ori Uvira, or weaving/sewing flowers and leaves into costume pieces for dances. "The pieces that we make add so much good energy, to the dances that we've practiced so many times, bringing it all together-It just makes all of our performances so fulfilling to see all the hard work and passion that goes in to it all."

Luxurious Hawaiian Towels

"I love to bring my towels and blankets to the beach for my keiki and I to use- I usually have about 4-6 towels in the car at all times. I also love to use them to dry my hair after I've shampooed and conditioned my hair. I like that they aren't heavy on my head like how a terry cloth bath towel would be. "

"I love to make art and if I didn't do it, I wouldn't be me. So, I'm very grateful that others love my work and purchase my products for themselves, friends and they're family. They all make it possible that I can create, run a small business and raise my family all at the same time. Mahalo nui EHA Culture supporters!!"

Erin's creative process starts with design inspiration. Running the Kealia Bike Path or going to the beach with her keiki fuels and ignites Erin's design inspiration.

Erin crafts and perfects her designs during the night, while her little keiki are asleep.

Once she has come up with a new design idea she will start sketching it out on paper, so she doesn't forget. Once the design has come onto paper, she will let it sit anywhere from a day to six months until she works on the design again. She may even combine several of her designs together for a fun and fresh design.

Purchase your towel here or at a Kauai location, such as Beachside Boutique in Kapa'a and Aloha Aina Juice Cafe in Lihue. EHA Culture can also be found on the Big Island, Maui, and California.

Behind the scenes

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