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“Live simply, be in nature, live happily”

Meet Ganyah!

An adventurous and spontaneous 20 year old, passionate about wildlife and exploration. Ganyah is from London, but was attracted to come to Kaua’i to immerse herself into the spiritual community and enjoy the beauties of the island. Ganyah gets her wonderfully curly hair and blue eyes from a mix of Israeli, Moroccan, and Polish blood. At the age of 18, she had traveled 6 continents in one year. Continue reading to find out where Ganyah went and the insights she had learned:

Central America, Iceland, Africa, Indonesia, Australia, North America

Ganyah volunteered with vet teams and wildlife conservation game reserves. From working in the back of a truck, calculating vaccinations, handling animals in stressful situations from darting to animal helicopter transfers, she learned to work under pressure. In Costa Rica, she protected animals during the Corona Virus Pandemic. In South Africa, she was able to work with the animals she’s always dreamt. With an open mind and an undeniable, affordable ticket, she was off to Iceland. She delved into yoga and embraced all the vegan foods of Bali, moving freely with just a backpack. From Cannes to Byron Bay, Ganyah traveled the lands of Australia by herself and swam with whales. “Traveling young is the best thing to do if you are ready and smart enough to…you can learn about yourself and friendships come easier because knowing yourself enables you to know who you want to spend time with.” Before Ganyah headed back to London, she stopped in LA and Canada, completing the sixth continent within a year of travel.

She then enrolled in University, studying Wild Animal Biology. Following her heart and living freely, Ganyah continues to focus on self growth and work towards being a Wildlife Vet. Her strong mindset brings her incredible adventures and opens her to new experiences and people. You may find her at the beach doing yoga or art, or on her upcoming YouTube channel where she’ll share about her travels. Ganyah suggests do what you want to do...go to Bali and do that yoga class you've been wanting to do. Spend the time to work to accomplish your dreams, or look to Ganyah for motivation.

Instagram: Ganyahgold

YouTube: gardenofganyah

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