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Dreamy Beach Elopement

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Photographer: Julia Streich | Hair & Makeup: @_lululush_ | Florist: @nsbudsandblooms

| Jewelry Designer: @kauaihandmade | Bride & Groom: @kauaicoconuts.foodtruck

Location: Tunnels Beach

It was a beautiful, warm, and sunny day. I had my fingers crossed for dry weather, as we entered rainy winter season. I coordinated a styled elopement at my favorite beach, Tunnels. We had such a lovely team of artists and models! Scroll down to learn more.

Meet Lulu! Her smiles are contagious! Lulu is an incredible makeup artist.

Meet our Bride to be, beautiful Christine.

The whites and hints of light orange on the calla lily match the tones of Kauai Handmade's lei jewelry so beautifully. Kauai Handmade is a lifestyle boutique that focuses on one of a kind jewelry made by owner and designer - Stephanie. She has an eye for detail which leads her to select the highest quality of pearls for her jewelry. She also enjoys collecting and working with Hawaiian seashells such as Kahelelani, Momi, and Sunrise Shells. While she makes many traditional style Hawaiian shell leis and jewelry, she often combines the use of shells and precious metals to create unique pieces that are only seen at her shop. Her meticulous craftsmanship and selection of quality materials are the reasons behind her successful customer retention. Be sure to visit her website at

Stunning Ni'ihau Momi shell earrings. A leading source of income on the small island of Ni'ihau is through their wondrous shells.

Not your typical diamond engagement ring. This traditional Hawaiian carved gold band demands attention for its lovely craftsmanship.

Meet our Groom, Adam! Adam, the Coconut Kane, places his Ni'ihau 'Alilea shell lei on.

Welcome to my favorite beach on all of Kaua'i! Tunnels' views are as beautiful above water, as beneath the water. And the Beach just got even more beautiful with this incredible floral crescent installation by Molly at North Shore Buds and Blooms. Molly is a hard worker, who's been in the florist industry for fifteen years. She enjoys working on unique and creative bouquets and hakus. Molly enjoys when her clients give their vision to her and she is able to be adventurous with the floral project.

Uhg! Taking in the shining rays over Bali Hai, or Makana Mountain.

In 2018 Christine was vacationing at Kauai. On a rainy morning she decided to go to the farmers market to get a coconut. It was tradition for her to get a fresh coconut whenever she traveled. Christine purchased a coconut from Adam. While he prepared her coconut, Adam initiated the idea of taking Christine on a horseback ride. The following day, Christine and Adam had their first date. A romantic horseback ride at Maha'ulepa. How dreamy!

Although Christine had to travel back home to Minnesota, Adam called her every day. Within a month's time, Adam went to Minnesota to propose. (She said yes!) After five months they were married, and then Christine moved to Kauai to spend her life with Adam. ♡

A lovely view of Christine's haku (flower crown), while the couple unite in their kiss.

That bouquet though!

Adam climbs coconut trees up to thirty feet to harvest the coconuts, propelling and suspending up and down with climbing gear. He waits to harvest until the day before the farmers market, or even the morning-of, so they are as fresh as possible.

Adam begun climbing coconut trees when he was 18, for the fun of it. He has been in the coconut business since 2013. Adam and Christine also sell weaved coconut hats and bowls.

Find your yummy Viet soul food and coconuts at the Kauai Coconuts Foodtruck in Old Koloa Town, on the south side. Christine learned to prepare mochi from her family's recipe in 2011, and has been perfecting new recipes since then. Christine uses the shaved coconut meat to make mochi and sesame donuts. The foodtruck will also have daifuku mochi, eggrolls and cream cheese wontons, plate lunches, and fresh coconuts....YUM!

Have you ever had a fizzy coconut that tastes like coconut soda or champagne? Purchase a matured coconut like this from Kauai Coconuts Foodtruck to have a party in your mouth.

HipaHipa! Two souls uniting to one.

Follow @kauaicoconuts.foodtruck on Insta to see menu previews and the grand opening date.

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